For many of us, it has been years since we went to school.  The thought of a quiz may bring
back memories of gold stars, good grades, or perhaps a dunce cap.  This is a quiz you can’t
fail!  However, it may tell you that your vision is failing.  Your vision may be failing because of
Cataract is a term used for clouding of the lens of the eye.  As we age, our hair grays and
our skin wrinkles.  Our lens basically does the same.  It clouds and wrinkles.  It is difficult to
see through a cloudy lens.  We start to experience glare, blurring, and dull, dark vision.  Our
ability to enjoy things we once did is compromised.  The only treatment is surgery.  No drop,
vitamin, or sunglasses can reverse cataract.

Take this quiz.

1.        Do you have difficulty seeing street signs or to drive?                 
2.        Do you have difficulty seeing TV or movies?                             
3.        Do you have difficulty reading small print?                                   
4.        Do you have difficulty performing detailed work?                          
5.        Do you have difficulty with personal correspondences?               
6.        Do you have difficulty with leisure activities?                               
7.        Do you have visual difficulty functioning around the house?      
8.        Are you unable to see and recognize faces?                                
9.        If you live alone and wish to remain independent, are you
     unable to care for yourself with your present vision?                    
10.        Do you have double or distorted vision?                                    
11.        Do you have glare or halos around lights?                                 
12.        Do you have difficulty with color perception?                              
13.        Do you have difficulty with depth perception?                             
14.        Do you have blurred vision                                                         

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have cataracts.  The only way to tell
for sure is to visit your ophthalmologist.  When cataracts are mature or ‘ripe’, the only
treatment is cataract surgery.  There are many new and exciting treatments offered today.  
Cataract surgery is a same day surgery.  No hospital admission is required.  Usually, no
stitches, shots, or large incisions are required.  Most insurances, including medicare, will pay
for the surgery.  

This may be your vision if you have cataracts