Eye Exams
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Daynes Eye & Lasik offers eye exams for prescription glasses, prescription contact lenses, or to have a comprehensive exam for the general health of your eyes. We are a provider with most insurance companies.



Eyeglass Prescriptions

After your eye exam, we will give you your new prescription for glasses,

and you may fill it in our optical shop, or the optical shop of your choice.




Contact Lens Prescriptions


We do not charge a separate fee for a contact lens exam. However, if it is your first time in contact lenses or if you have had a prescription change, there is a $65.00 fitting/training fee. This fee includes your trial contact lenses, a one-on-one training session with a Daynes Eye & Lasik team member, and a two week follow up appointment to make sure that the contact lenses that we have fit you with are comfortable, and giving you the best vision possible. For recurrent wearers of gas permeable lens, or a toric design lens the $65.00 fitting fee will be applied.


If you already wear contact lenses we can order your new lenses for you, or you may take your contact lens prescription and get it filled wherever you would like.